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VU + Solo HD Digital Satellite Box

VU + Solo is a very advanced HDTV digital decoder complete Opensource Enigma 2. Linux-based, Internet connections and all LAN, 1x Scart, 1x HDMI, 2x USB 2.0 etc. These are just some features about this reciever. Usable with some Dreambox software

Wide Frontier Satellite Dish

Toroidal 55 & 90 are designed to reflect signals twice through the main reflector and a sub reflector, forming a focal line created by focal points along the bottom of the main reflector, making Toroidal 55 & 90 function as a multi-beam antenna that receives broadcasts & communication satellites at the same time.

Capture up to 16 different satellites, Superior to any rotary system, No noisy or no tear

True Multi Satellite Dish. Recieve signals from 1 degrees west to 28 degrees East.